VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

This review is about VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin, a Gin inspired by ancient Rome.

I followed online the evolution of this project, and in the months before the launch, I had a doubt:

a Gin distilled in London can be “made in Italy”?

Italy is actually exporting many professionals, especially in this field, and in this case the experience in some of the best bars in the world helped to have a complete view of what was missing: the 3 guys behind this Gin are Italian, they work in top places, they have the fantasy every Italian is expected to have and an extreme care of the tradition. Then yes, VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin can be called “made in Italy 2.0”.

This is a rigorous London Dry Gin, handcrafted in the best way possible, but with innovative botanicals, inspired by the Roman Empire, such as: artichoke, fennel seeds, blood orange, bay leaves, Alexander seeds, sage, lemon balm, lavender, juniper, coriander, chervil and celery.

It makes the most perfect Negroni possible, the botanicals of the Gin meeting those of the Campari and the vermouth, in a very characteristic way. An all Italian Negroni, how nice is that?

In a G&T the VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin makes a particular drink, with some of the herbaceous notes very elevated, very original.

I’m not surprised by the success VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin is having in London, the idea at the base of this Gin is solid, the product well made, so I’m very happy this Gin is having what it deserve.

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