Ungava Canadian Premium Gin ginitaly’s review

Ungava is a Gin that tells us about far away and cold lands.

Taking us trough a journey among the Hinuit, picking precious herbs and rare fruits, botanicals that can be found just in this Gin, such as wild rose hips, artic blend, cloudberry, labrador tea, crowberry and nordic juniper, a particular kind of juniper, who grows just in the coldest enviroment.

Ungava is permanently linked to the place where it’s produced, and this is well shown on the label, showing the Hinuit name of the region.

The smell of Ungava Gin is sweet, the juniper coming first, the taste is incredibly smooth, but solid, with herbaceous and fruity notes. A round taste for a noticeable experience: it’s an interesting game to try to find all the key notes composing this Gin.

I brought a bottle of Ungava at a Christmas lunch with my family, just to test their reactions with a good Gin, and it was very surprising to notice how they appreciated it, even who never drank any Gin before. It’s a very good Gin to taste and enjoy neat.
I must confess now that when I first tasted Ungava Gin at Gin Day 2013 in Milan I felt in love, the memory of this Gin was still in my mind after long time, so I was very happy to study it for this review.

It’s a Gin that really adds something to what we intend to mix it with, and it offers many ways to use it.
I loved the Martini, an innovative twist, the yellow colour marry perfectly the Vermouth, and the herbaceous note is elevated.
In a G&T you can definitely notice Ungava’s presence, adding its voice in a clear way, adding the juniper, the fruity notes, making a very good long drink.

Ungava Gin is a must try, for sure.


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