Tovel’s Gin ginitaly’s review

Finally, after 21 previously reviewed Gins, i can study and talk about a completely Italian Gin.

Tovel’s Gin was born in Trentino, Tassullo precisely, in a Natural Park, the Adamello Brenta, in a distillery that has been operating for decades. The current owner had the inspired idea to start the production of a good quality Gin.

The vision behind this Gin seems far-sighted, it wants to tell us about the area in which it is included, it takes us to the woods that can be seen by the distillery, it refreshes us with the waters of Lake Tovel, it tells us of the fruits of this land. Every botanical of the recipe is local: juniper, elderberry flowers, cumin seeds, gentian roots, pinus mugo, angelica root, cornus mas, lemon peel and fraxinus ash. Nothing exotic, nothing superfluous, you’ll find those taste in the Gin.

Tovel’s is a solid Gin, its roots are firm, the distillery where it is produced it’s open to the public, and i recommend a visit, not every producer can show you its production site, so it’s really worth to go for a visit.

Tovel’s comes in a clear bottle that underscores a historically fundamental side of Gin: the crystal clear colour. The alcohol volume is 45%.

The smell is striking for its aroma, even if it’s not strong (due to the vapour infusion distillation), but it’s round, complex and inviting. Drinking it neat it’s a pure pleasure, the recipe is well studied, the notes come in circles, chasing each other on the palate, and each one takes its time before disappearing.

In a Martini Tovel’s Gin is great, with a delicate but noticeable taste, accompanied by a special smoothness, which makes it extremely (probably too well) drinkable.

In a Negroni the more aromatic notes are elevated, and the overall taste is very good, a pretty unique soft taste.

In a G&T, with not too much tonic water, it’s dry, classic yet particular. The vapour infusion distillation helps to create a Gin that is tasty but not too strong, just one drink won’t be enough.

Tovel’s Gin adds its voice in the World of Gin, it’s a loud yet not overwhelming voice, a Gin made with passion and hard work, a journey starting many years ago and continuing for a long time.

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