The most exciting Gin of the Gin Day 2015 in Milan

The most exciting moment of Gin Day 2015 in Milano, happened in the Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin stall.

Noticing the gold medal won by this Gin was already very surprising, it was proudly shown for the first time in Italy, but finding that Man coming from the United Kingdom with his super smile, was a producer of a very good Gin and also the Director of the Gin Guild, was really exciting.

Christopher R Parker

If you follow Gin Italy, you already know about this club whose members are the most important players of the Uk market, all the main Master Distillers are members. The talk with Mr. Christopher Parker was really memorable, learning his point of view about the quality of base alcohol used to produce Gin, about the categories of the different kind of Gins, in a very deep way, it was like a small master class, available for who was enough curios to notice the details.

In such a big event, with that high standard, this moment was really unexpected, as I always read with the most interest the Gin Guild’s posts, I truly support their categorisation, so it was a fantastic surprise.

It all started handling an apparently simple bottle of Gin, that caught my attention for the crest placed on the top of the label, the Prince of Wales Crest. Just Tanqueray had the honor to be appointed by Windsor Family, so that there’s now one more Gin it’s a news to spread around. Among hundreds of good British Gins, the fact that Charles of England, nephew of that Queen Mother who so loved Her daily Gin and Tonic, choose this Gin, is a good presentation. Our conversation started from this and the story behind that crest.

The Juniper Green was presented in two versions, made of just 4 botanicals, one made with a lower alcohol volume, incredibly smooth, because of the organic high quality base alcohol. The other one was originally created for the very exclusive Carlton Club in London.

This Gins won several medals, every one was very deserved, especially for the environmental sustainability, as it’s the only Gin in the wold with a far and wild certification.

A Gin, and Man who probably deserved more attention.

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