The Duke – Munich Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

Craft beer!
No, I’m not crazy, but The Duke is a Gin that I recommend to those who, like me, also loves a good beer.

Before writing a new review, I always read what other sources think, I seek advices, to compare views with them and then talk about it. I thought it was strange not to find this reference elsewhere, but hops which is the basis of this recipe is really pleasant, giving it a distinctive flavour.

And then it’s a German Gin, from Munich exactly, the combination seems very proper.

This small batch production started in 2009, when the distillery was specially built by Max and Daniel, who then realized their dream: to distill a unique Gin who could be appreciated everywhere for its particular taste.

The New Germans Gin are very satisfying, they’re always interesting, well presented, they keep raising the quality of their work, and as consumers we can’t be more happy.

“A fine product depends first and foremost on the careful selection of ingredients. Hence, we exclusively purchase herbs and spices of all-natural origin.” This is the philosophy behind this Gin: all the ingredients are certified organic: juniper, coriander, lemon peel, angelica roots, ginger, lavender, Java pepper, hops and malts. The recipe creates a complex and round flavour, which geolocate this Gin in Bavarian tradition. The packaging is simple yet effective, the Gin comes with a generous 45% alcohol volume.

The aroma is fragrant and pungent, with a good solid juniper taste. Drinking The Duke Gin neat, the floral notes emerge, the hops is clearly there, followed by lavender, making the taste almost sweet, then turning into citrousy. It’s really good even just neat, rich.

In a Negroni, the Gin stays in the middle, in a clear way, a good use for this Gin.

In a Martini is superb, herbaceous and fruity, with a pronounced hop flavour, very tasty.

In a G&T it is superb: it has some particular notes, without being too invasive, it’s a very pleasant experience.

In conclusion, The Duke Munich Dry Gin is a really interesting product, it really deserves a place in a collection, being particular, but without wanting to overdo it at all costs.

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