Qiu Gin Premium Distilled ginitaly’s review

Let me start this review from a sore point, just to give it a crescendo:

I already wrote, I don’t like those Gin who come in a coloured version, I don’t find it interesting, it’s going away from the right direction, in my humble opinion, of course.

I think a Gin must be crystal clear.

Luckily Qiu Gin is noticeable for other things, once you serve it in a big balloon glass full of ice, the colour will be paler but the taste will be very inviting.
Qiu Gin comes in a nice bottle, and the design is appreciable, it is produced in Spain from wheat alcohol, with a 41% alcohol volume, with some traditional botanicals: juniper, cardamom, coriander, sweet and bitter lemon and orange zest. Few ingredients and very well used.

The smell is of a good Gin, the notes are balanced, the juniper comes first and after the cirtrousy note, in a simple way.
Drinking it neat, the sweet fruity notes emerge to disappesr to leave a dry mouth. The Gin is smooth and very drinkable.
Born is Spain, the Qiu Gin lives of G&T and it’s perfect for this preparation, refreshing, rich, tasty but not in an invasive way.

One last thing to add, the price/quality ratio is very high, you can find it online for a good price and it’s a bonus for the final consumer.

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