Portobello Road Gin ginitaly’s review

A Gin created in a historic London building where alcohol is sold from 1740, which is also a museum dedicated to this spirit?

It already exists!

The Portobello Road Gin was created in the same London street that hosts the Ginstitute as well, a micromuseum that tells the story of Gin, and where it’s possible to distill your own Gin too.

There were so many expectations before the tasting of this Gin.
There’s to add that the Portobello Road Gin is produced at “Thames Distillery ltd”, a historical and consolidated distillery: there is no shame or hesitation in affirming to be distilled by third parties, after precise indications of the creators. There is really to reflect on these issues, that really make the difference at the bottom, often we can’t know where a Gin is produced and it’s an important information.

The botanicals composing the recipe are “simple” and rigorous: juniper, lemon and bitter orange peel, coriander seeds, iris, angelica, cassia and liquorice, with the addition of nutmeg, to enhance the warm sweet, aromatic and spicy note. A classic London Dry, whose production began in 2012, when this Gin began to spread around London, welcomed in the best way: a Gin made by bartenders, who’s the perfect working tool, starting from the well selected bottle shape, very easy to handle.
The aroma is that of a good spirit, spicy but not to divert attention, fruity and elegant. Drunk neat, juniper is predominant, along with citrus note: nutmeg adds an exotic flavour but well balanced, allowing you to not stray too far from a classic London Dry.

We loved so much the Negroni with the Portobello Road, a classic cocktail with a Gin that doesn’t fights for attention, but remains firmly in the cocktail.

In general it is a gin to appreciate, for the excellent quality / price ratio, which makes it really interesting: consistent, well-produced, without excesses, does not stand out in anything, but that’s what a good Gin MUST be: the perfect companion for other products that later will accompany him in our favorite preparations favourite!

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