Plymouth Gin Original Strenght ginitaly’s review

Having the chance to review Plymouth Gin is a honour for me:

it’s a storycal and fundamental brand: one of the 3 in the world that can be defined as a P.G.I., but just the one coming from the Black Friars Distillery can be a Plymouth Gin.

Basically, this is what English producers wanted to achieve but couldn’t because of European opposition, as they wanted a London Dry Gin to be produced just in London.
So Plymouth is a brand but it’s also a category on its own, quite impressing.

The production started in 1793, when every ship of the British Empire carried boxes of Plymouth Gin around the world for medical purposes, spreading the popularity of this brand. The building hosting the distillery is rich of history too and it’s a national place of interest: in 1620 the pilgrim fathers slept there before leaving for America on the Mayflower the following day. This episode it’s shown on the Gin label, showing that peculiar ship of the founding fathers of the USA.
The distillery is visitable, to know more about the history of the building, that once was a Dominican monastery, to the modern era.
Plymouth it’s a Gin that tells story about travels, exotic spices, about tradition, in a modern way but with feet placed in a solid background.

The bottle design is essential yet well studied, full of details that show the heritage of this brand.I loved the one litre bottle, very satisfying.
The smell is rich and intense, full of well balanced notes, no one of the 7 botanicals composing the recipe is predominant. Drinking it neat its freshness is surprising, citrous and juniper flavours emerging, to leave space to that particular aromaticity that is the key element in the best made Gins: it’s that taste that lingers on the mouth, on the tongue when the hotness from the alchol dissolves. Every sip is pleasant, you can easily understand why Plymouth Gin is so famous: there are no tinsels in this Gin!

The Martini is exactly as it has to be: rich, fresh and juicy, dry but full of notes, very satisfying.
Did you ever try a Gin Mojito? If you haven’t you must try it with Plymouth Gin, with its dry taste and the lime and the mint, it’s a perfect combination.

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