Massimo’s Sloe Gin

Gin Italy receives many samples, luckily, but since its creation, this is the one that made me happier.

It was sent without any commercial motivation, just because with a common passion for Gin we were able to create a true friendship relation.

Precious things, rare things, a warming sensation: the direction is right.

Massimo's Sloe Gin

Massimo’s Sloe Gin is made with Marton’s Gin, with a lovely ruby red colour, its super sloe taste.
A Gin to drink frozen, with lemon and orange zest, it’s sweet but not too much, fruity and easily drinkable, I’m sure you’d like it too.

Massimo Lauto is the owner of L’ingordo 1996, in Grado (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Norther East part of Italy), you’ll find there quite a big Gin collection (and like every Italian Gin available).

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