Madame Geneva Gin Rouge ginitaly’s review

Another German Gin, another Gin I liked.

Sincerely, I think that in Germany there’s a very positive way of seeing the Gin World. There’s a continuing research, that goes in the right direction.

But of course, no one is perfect, and in this case, there are some things I didn’t appreciate too much:
informations about the base alcohol and the distiller of this Gin aren’t shared, and I think they should, to understand more what I’m drinking. Of course it doesn’t affect the final taste.

Madame Geneva Gin Rouge recipe is made of 46 botanicals and it is finally infused with red Italian Primitivo wine, to confer that distinctive red. The combination is really nice although it is unusual: we like the idea and the resulting Gin may be used in particular preparations. This is not an everyday Gin, but to choose when you want to add a special touch.

It comes in a solid bottle, with an alcohol volume of just under 42%, the colour is very red, which I usually don’t like a lot, but at least in this case, I understand why.

The aroma is very floral, you can feel lavender, mixed with citrus, with a beautiful juniper background. Drinking it neat it is great! It’s hard to define, it seems a bitter Gin with the smoothness of a wine and the smell of field of flowers. Perfect to drink after a meal.
In a Negroni is very fresh, Madame Geneva Rouge meets perfectly the bitter of the Campari, exalting the herbaceous notes, the resulting cocktail it very well assembled.
In a G&T is fragrant and deep, unusual, special, it’s very different from any other Gins, the bitter notes are strong, and the taste is very interesting.

Madame Geneva Gin Rouge deserves its place in the Gin display, to surprise those who do not know it yet with an unusual but solid Gin.

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