Madame Geneva Gin Blanc ginitaly’s review

Less is more? Even in the Gin world? Can you make a Gin with just 3 botanicals?

A Gin that drinkable, enjoyable and useful? That may add something interesting?

Madame Geneva Gin Blanc answers YES to all these questions: it’s a Gin from Germany, made with just juniper, coriander and ginger. Essential, to go back to the basics, to say that quality can be achieved in many different ways.

The Rouge version of Madame Geneva in unique for the many botanicals, the Blanc is completely different, 2 Gins that complement each other.

If you love ginger, this is your Gin, being the botanical that stands out more evidently, which makes Madame Geneva the perfect Gin for those ginger based preparations.
The Gin is crystal clear, and you can smell all the 3 botanicals, that create an inviting spicy aroma, the alcohol volume is of 44%.
Drinking it neat it’s smooth and tasty, a bit less junipery as I expected it to be, the coriander comes before the ginger. The notes are very distinguishable: you know what you’re looking for and you easily find it, which makes it perfect for when you want to push that note.

In the Martini, for my personal taste, it is too invasive, the result isn’t unpleasant but it covers the vermouth, but if you’re looking for an original twist, this Gin may be your choice.
In a G&T the Madame Geneva Gin Blanc is very refreshing, with a lemon peel, simple but with fantasy. I liked to be drinking something made with very few ingredients.
I really thought I had to try this Gin in a Moscow Mule twist, a predictable combination, but really worth it. I recommend it.

I definitely advise Madame Geneva Gin Blanc for those times you need a ginger based Gin, it’s an interesting philosophy and it’s a pleasant drink.

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