London No. 1 Original Blue Gin ginitaly’s review

Let me start this review with a boring introduction:

I don’t like coloured Gins. I find that they don’t go in the right direction, I’m not impressed tasting a coloured spirit.

This is how I first tasted London No. 1 Original Blue Gin, with my prejudices, with low expectations, trying not to be disappointed…but I eventually loved this Gin, for its smell and taste.

The colour is given by a final infusion of the spirit with Gardenia flowers and bergamot oil, but the most noticeable aspect is the alchol volume, of a good 47%, a strong and well structured Gin.

The bottle is studied to underline the colour of this Gin, and it’s pleasant yet simple, 12 botanicals are included in the recipe. The Gin is 3 times distilled in England from wheat alcohol.

At the nose is very junipery and spicy, lemon comes after juniper. Drinking it neat is a strong experience, for its high alcohol volume, but it’s a well composed Gin.
London No. 1 Original Blue Gin seems a very good Gin to mix, perfect for a Martini with a twist, strong and dry, but it’s surely great for a G&T in the Spanish way.

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