Langton’s No.1 The Lakeland Gin ginitaly’s review

Another review, another great Gin, another London Dry Gin distilled by a third parties distillery.

So what’s new? Why is it interesting to talk about it?

Because this bottle shows us a direction, an approach, a method to follow, to study and analyze.

A bit ‘of history, to begin. Usually the new Gin facing the market, are “attempts” to see how the product is received, or, as in this case, the result of careful research and business plans. Seeking online information about Langtons you can see the solid project behind it: from the preliminary study, communication, packaging, but the starting point is the recipe, the holy grail of every distiller.

Launched in 2012 by two friends with experience in the beverage industry and design, which were later was joined by an investor who believed in the project and allowed a substantial growth, the Langtons is named after the town where it is located the grandmother’s farm of one of the founders.
Ties, roots, territory!
That’s what we talk about, this is what to look for in this Gin.

We are located in the North of England, in the famous Lake District, whose mountain profiles we find engraved on the bottle and this Gin takes us on this sensory journey through this region; the water which it is produced, is collected directly from the aquifer under the highest English mountain Skiddaw.
Langton’s No.1 Gin is produced in the oldest operating distillery in UK, the G&J Distillers, where many more others interesting Gins comes to life.
Plain and simple and straightforward.

11 are the botanicals that make up the recipe, including: Angelica, Anise, Coriander, Juniper, Lemon and Orange peel, Liquorice and barks of oak trees of the National Park of the Lake District.
It is presented as “exceptionally smooth” and drunk neat we can confirm that. Smells subtly of “pine” (because of Juniper of course) and citrus: on the palate also shows the earthy flavour (the bark of the oak?).

Intrigued by the suggested preparation of the Martini Cocktail by Langtons’ company website of Langtons (, which uses 5 ml of Campari instead of Vermouth, I really wanted to try it: this combination enhances the citrus note of Langtons and the bitter note makes it very charming, really tasty.
For the Negroni it is excellent, succulent, perfectly blends the flavors and pushes them consistently.
In the G&T Langtons does not stand for some eccentric taste, is clean and fresh, exactly what you would expect from a gin this level.

In conclusion, the Langton’s No.1 Gin is really advisable, for the story it tells, for the future it is expected, for the great tool that is, to prepare our favorite preparations

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