J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

I’m lucky to study another interesting Gin: the Monopolowa Dry Gin.

Of ancient origins, starting in the 18th century, Mopolowa arrived in Vienna after World War II, it’s a fascinating story, that is connected to those of the states of Mitteleuropa.

A Gin coming from the past, arriving to a bright present. The price it’s very inviting too.

The Monopolowa Vodka is quite appreciated globally, and it’s the starting point of this Gin: I have never had the chance to taste this Gin before and the curiosity was great, because of the several prizes won.
The base alcohol is made from potatoes, which is rather unique, then some traditional botanicals are added: juniper, orange and lemon peel, coriander, anise, fennel and ginger.

The bottle recalls Monopolowa’s origins, the awards won in the past, telling us it used to be the official supplier to the Hapsburg Emperor. The alcohol volume is of 43,5%.
§The aroma is classic and rigorous, dry, with strong notes of Juniper and then citrus, good and firm.
Using a high quality vodka as a base, you can expect this Gin to be pretty smooth, and it really is. It’s good for mixing, and actually very pleasant to sip neat, it doesn’t burn at all, the flavours are delicate.
In a Martini, it’s smooth, leaving space to the vermouth, and resulting with a very fresh and round taste.
In a Negroni, the juniper disappears a little, but it’s still good, not a strong taste tho.
Monopolowa Gin makes a good classical dry G&T, it’s full bodied yet it’s not too flavoured.

Monopolowa it’s a Gin for a vodka lover, it’s well made and historical, it’s a good substitute as a base Gin for many more common brands.

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