Investigation on the italian botanicals

We are reaching every Gin producer on the market to ask if they’re using Italian botanicals in their Gin.

Some of the most important brands use juniper coming from Tuscany, so Italy can be listed at the base of some renowned Gin (Tanqueray and Bombay for example) but we want to know more details about Italy’s contribution to the world of Gin.

The thesis is that Italy could be the perfect place to start a production of good Gin and we want to talk more about it.

So fare more then 30 brands answered: 47% of them are using Italian Botanicals in their recipes.
Here’s the first list of the Gins with some Italy inside: Golden Moon Distillery, Broker’s London Dry Gin, Fadograph, Sylvius, Diplome Gin, Siderit Gin, Edinburgh Gin, TuB Gin, Langtons, Sipsmith, Ford’s Gin, Gin Sul, Principe de los apostoles, Gin Mare.

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