Ginself Gin ginitaly’s review

Ginself Gin is produced in a small distillery in Valencia.

The process is traditional and base alcohol comes from beet: a century old post still is used to distill the 9 botanicals infused for 24 hours. The spirit is then cut with water from Sierra Espadan.

Ginself Gin is a Mediterran Premium Gin, the botanicals used are: sweet and bitter oranges, lemon zest, angelica seeds and roots, orange flowers, juniper of course and tangerine.

It’s a typical Spanish Gin, with a strong aroma, perfect for a G&T, very citrousy, lovely in a big balloon glass full of ice, with orange and lemon zest as garnish.

Even if Ginself Gin doesn’t have any Italian botanicals in his recipe, we gladly found out that the producer is Italian, but living in Spain.
The design of the bottle is very classy, the details are eye catching.

It is advised to drink frozen if you want to taste it neat. It is definitely a G&T Gin, for a very refreshing drink, rich in flavour with many citrousy notes.

We loved it with pHenomenal Tonic syrup, to elevate even more the lemon, the orange and the tangerine taste.

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