Gin Italy: a showcase for the italian market

A year after the opening of Gin Italy facebook page and web site, a big result is achieved:

I was offered some new Gins to study and review and after appearing on this website, they are going to be distributed in Italy.


Onesti Group just let us know they’re starting to import Sikkim Gin and Tarquin’s Gin, 2 brands we talked about some time ago, 2 very different kind of Gins, that may offer several occasion for mixing them.
Spirits Of Independence Italia is starting to distribute Ferdinand’s Saar Gin.

A big thank to those brands who choose Gin Italy to introduce their products to the Italian Market, those who saw as a way to be noticed by importers.
Gin Italy aimed to be a place where to gather informations about Gin and in Italian, we’re happy I succeeded to do it.

Good luck to these new Gins appearing on the Italian market, I’m sure you’ll like them.

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