J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

I’m lucky to study another interesting Gin: the Monopolowa Dry Gin. Of ancient origins, starting in the 18th century, Mopolowa arrived in Vienna after World War II, it’s a fascinating story, that is connected to those of the states of Mitteleuropa. A Gin coming from the past, arriving to a bright present. The price it’s […]

Diplôme Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

The original recipe of the Diplôme Dry Gin has been refined to meet the tastes of the American soldiers, stationing in France during World War II, in Dijon. This recipe is the same that was used for the re-launch of this brand occurred in recent years, with the peculiarity to be produced with a beet […]

Tovel’s Gin ginitaly’s review

Finally, after 21 previously reviewed Gins, i can study and talk about a completely Italian Gin. Tovel’s Gin was born in Trentino, Tassullo precisely, in a Natural Park, the Adamello Brenta, in a distillery that has been operating for decades. The current owner had the inspired idea to start the production of a good quality […]

The Duke – Munich Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

Beer! Craft beer! No, I’m not crazy, but The Duke is a Gin that I recommend to those who, like me, also loves a good beer.

Langton’s No.1 The Lakeland Gin ginitaly’s review

Another review, another great Gin, another London Dry Gin distilled by a third parties distillery. So what’s new? Why is it interesting to talk about it? Because this bottle shows us a direction, an approach, a method to follow, to study and analyze.

Portobello Road Gin ginitaly’s review

A Gin created in a historic London building where alcohol is sold from 1740, which is also a museum dedicated to this spirit? It already exists! The Portobello Road Gin was created in the same London street that hosts the Ginstitute as well, a micromuseum that tells the story of Gin, and where it’s possible […]

Burleighs London Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

There are few popular Master Distillers in the world of Gin. The creator of the Burleighs London Dry Gin’s recipe, Mr. Jamie Baxter is among them. With a background of deep knowledge he succeeded to produce a Gin at his potential level.

Qiu Gin Premium Distilled ginitaly’s review

Let me start this review from a sore point, just to give it a crescendo: I already wrote, I don’t like those Gin who come in a coloured version, I don’t find it interesting, it’s going away from the right direction, in my humble opinion, of course. I think a Gin must be crystal clear.

VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

This review is about VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin, a Gin inspired by ancient Rome. I followed online the evolution of this project, and in the months before the launch, I had a doubt: a Gin distilled in London can be “made in Italy”?

Dactari – Original German Gin ginitaly’s review

Ok. Let me start this review with a clarification: I don’t usually like Gins that are produced with grape alcohol as a base, cause they disclose too much from the taste map of my favourite kind of Gin.