Batch Premium Gin ginitaly’s review

Batch Premium Gin aims to be a niche product, distilled in small batches, with a dedication to the details that just a small brand can offer.

Alkkemist Gin ginitaly’s review

An ultra premium Mediterranean Gin from Spain, with a remarkable packaging and a captivating idea behind, this is the Alkkemist Gin.

London No. 1 Original Blue Gin ginitaly’s review

Let me start this review with a boring introduction: I don’t like coloured Gins. I find that they don’t go in the right direction, I’m not impressed tasting a coloured spirit. This is how I first tasted London No. 1 Original Blue Gin, with my prejudices, with low expectations, trying not to be disappointed…but I […]

Madame Geneva Gin Rouge ginitaly’s review

Another German Gin, another Gin I liked. Sincerely, I think that in Germany there’s a very positive way of seeing the Gin World. There’s a continuing research, that goes in the right direction.

Madame Geneva Gin Blanc ginitaly’s review

Less is more? Even in the Gin world? Can you make a Gin with just 3 botanicals? A Gin that drinkable, enjoyable and useful? That may add something interesting? Madame Geneva Gin Blanc answers YES to all these questions: it’s a Gin from Germany, made with just juniper, coriander and ginger. Essential, to go back […]

Qiu Gin Premium Distilled ginitaly’s review

Let me start this review from a sore point, just to give it a crescendo: I already wrote, I don’t like those Gin who come in a coloured version, I don’t find it interesting, it’s going away from the right direction, in my humble opinion, of course. I think a Gin must be crystal clear.

Dactari – Original German Gin ginitaly’s review

Ok. Let me start this review with a clarification: I don’t usually like Gins that are produced with grape alcohol as a base, cause they disclose too much from the taste map of my favourite kind of Gin.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin ginitaly’s review

Ungava is a Gin that tells us about far away and cold lands. Taking us trough a journey among the Hinuit, picking precious herbs and rare fruits, botanicals that can be found just in this Gin, such as wild rose hips, artic blend, cloudberry, labrador tea, crowberry and nordic juniper, a particular kind of juniper, […]

Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

The Saar is the name of the river starting its journey in France, then reaching Germany in the Moselle region. The last 28 km of this river create a unique microclimate, feeding the soil that produces one of the most expensive white wine in the world.

Ginself Gin ginitaly’s review

Ginself Gin is produced in a small distillery in Valencia. The process is traditional and base alcohol comes from beet: a century old post still is used to distill the 9 botanicals infused for 24 hours. The spirit is then cut with water from Sierra Espadan.