Ginself Gin ginitaly’s review

Ginself Gin is produced in a small distillery in Valencia. The process is traditional and base alcohol comes from beet: a century old post still is used to distill the 9 botanicals infused for 24 hours. The spirit is then cut with water from Sierra Espadan.

Investigation on the italian botanicals

We are reaching every Gin producer on the market to ask if they’re using Italian botanicals in their Gin.

Geranium Premium London Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

Geranium Premium London Dry Gin helped to make clear that the monogamy among Gin and Juniper is definitely finished. The proof is in those Martini cocktails made with innovative Gins, based on high quality distillations, often with old traditional pot stills.

Darnley’s View Gin ginitaly’s review

Darnley’s View Gin history starts in Scotland in 1565: “Mary Queen of Scots first spies her future husband, Lord Darnley through the courtyard window of Wemyss Castle, the historic family seat of renowned vintners and spirits merchants, the Wemyss family (pronounced ‘weems’).”

Old English Gin ginitaly’s review

Old English Gin is a Gin created with the inspiration of a recipe from 1780. Its roots are traditional and can be consider, tho not officially, an Old Tom Gin, a category of Gin with a sweeter taste. The details of this product are carefully studied: from the champagne style bottle, as in the 18th […]