Tanqueray shakers’ collection

A Tanqueray shakers’ collection, collected in more then 10 years of ebay browsing, a proof of my unilateral devotion to this brand.

Gin Basil Smash

The perfect summer cocktail. It takes a little bit to prepare it at home, but it’s for sure worth it. Try it and let us know your impressions.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin ginitaly’s review

Ungava is a Gin that tells us about far away and cold lands. Taking us trough a journey among the Hinuit, picking precious herbs and rare fruits, botanicals that can be found just in this Gin, such as wild rose hips, artic blend, cloudberry, labrador tea, crowberry and nordic juniper, a particular kind of juniper, […]

An Italian joins the Gin Guild

The Gin Guild is a club that joins together the most important Master Distillers, owners, industry players of the Gin World. Last week an Italian joined the Guild, and there are now 80 members.

Tarquin’s Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

It was hard to find a better Gin to review after the last one. That Gin was really surprising, but Gin Italy was lucky enough to have a new unique kind of Gin to study, a handmade Cornish Gin. Tarquin’s Dry Gin.

Massimo’s Sloe Gin

Gin Italy receives many samples, luckily, but since its creation, this is the one that made me happier. It was sent without any commercial motivation, just because with a common passion for Gin we were able to create a true friendship relation. Precious things, rare things, a warming sensation: the direction is right.

Investigation on the italian botanicals – An Italian receipe

Gin Italy asked to the Gin producers of the world if they were using Italian botanicals in their recipes. From the answers of this investigation, it’s noticeable that some botanicals appear often (like juniper) and other are endemic, so they can be bought just here (like Florentine Iris or bergamot)

Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

The Saar is the name of the river starting its journey in France, then reaching Germany in the Moselle region. The last 28 km of this river create a unique microclimate, feeding the soil that produces one of the most expensive white wine in the world.

Biostilla Organic Gin from South Tyrol

An incredible news, googling around, I just found out this Organic Italian Gin, produced by Walcher Estates Distillery, sold apparently just in Sweden for the moment.