Hernö Gin – London Dry & Old Tom ginitaly’s review

Hernö Gin is made in Sweden in the Northernmost distillery in the world, established in 2011. After a decade spent in the UK, loving and studying Gins, Mr. Jon Hillgren decided to start it’s own Gin production.

Alkkemist Gin ginitaly’s review

An ultra premium Mediterranean Gin from Spain, with a remarkable packaging and a captivating idea behind, this is the Alkkemist Gin.

London No. 1 Original Blue Gin ginitaly’s review

Let me start this review with a boring introduction: I don’t like coloured Gins. I find that they don’t go in the right direction, I’m not impressed tasting a coloured spirit. This is how I first tasted London No. 1 Original Blue Gin, with my prejudices, with low expectations, trying not to be disappointed…but I […]

5 Continents – Hamburg Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

A Dry Gin containing every features of the city where it is distilled? In this case Hamburg, Germany? A Hamburg Dry Gin, using the typical production of a London Dry, but adding every thing this city could offer, like its harbour. This is the 5 Continents – Hamburg Dry Gin, and I appreciate this definition.

Madame Geneva Gin Rouge ginitaly’s review

Another German Gin, another Gin I liked. Sincerely, I think that in Germany there’s a very positive way of seeing the Gin World. There’s a continuing research, that goes in the right direction.

Madame Geneva Gin Blanc ginitaly’s review

Less is more? Even in the Gin world? Can you make a Gin with just 3 botanicals? A Gin that drinkable, enjoyable and useful? That may add something interesting? Madame Geneva Gin Blanc answers YES to all these questions: it’s a Gin from Germany, made with just juniper, coriander and ginger. Essential, to go back […]

J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

I’m lucky to study another interesting Gin: the Monopolowa Dry Gin. Of ancient origins, starting in the 18th century, Mopolowa arrived in Vienna after World War II, it’s a fascinating story, that is connected to those of the states of Mitteleuropa. A Gin coming from the past, arriving to a bright present. The price it’s […]

Diplôme Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

The original recipe of the Diplôme Dry Gin has been refined to meet the tastes of the American soldiers, stationing in France during World War II, in Dijon. This recipe is the same that was used for the re-launch of this brand occurred in recent years, with the peculiarity to be produced with a beet […]

Tovel’s Gin ginitaly’s review

Finally, after 21 previously reviewed Gins, i can study and talk about a completely Italian Gin. Tovel’s Gin was born in Trentino, Tassullo precisely, in a Natural Park, the Adamello Brenta, in a distillery that has been operating for decades. The current owner had the inspired idea to start the production of a good quality […]

The Duke – Munich Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

Beer! Craft beer! No, I’m not crazy, but The Duke is a Gin that I recommend to those who, like me, also loves a good beer.