GinO12 Gin excellence in Milan, the first Gin cocktail bar

GinO12 is a Gin cocktail bar inside a fancy restaurant in Milan, and it aims to offer a real hand-crafted experience around Gin.

Giniu Gin ginitaly’s review

Giniu Gin from the Sardinian brand Silvio Carta, is ginitaly’s next Italian Gin to review, a real noticeable product that introduces itself with a stunning packaging and a solid background idea.

Vergin Gin Alpino 43° ginitaly’s review

Vergin Gin is a Gin coming from the Italian Alpine region of Aosta Valley: it makes absolutely sense that lot of Italian Gins are coming from Northern Mountain regions, as they're so rich in biodiversity, so many different botanicals to use for their recipes.

Pigskin Gin: Gin Italy’s review

Pigskin Gin is the first Italian barrel aged Gin: it is produced by Silvio Carta in Sardinia, to exalt the perfumes of this island.

Perfect Serve: Old English Gin

Old EnglishGin Perfect Serve has been realized with the utmost simplicity, to enhance the taste of Gin, winner of several international awards and certainly of superb quality. The result is fresh, aromatic, round and very pleasant, highly recommended. 5 cl  Old English Gin 15cl Tonic Water Buccia di arancia Gin Gin  

Angus Winchester, an interview about Gin

Mentioned as a "pioneer" in Gaz Regan's book "The Bartender's Gin Compendium", published in 2009, ie at the end of the first part of this new chapter of the Gin history, Angus Winchester was the first Global Ambassador for Tanqueray Gin from 2008 until 2014

Bar Convent Berlin from Gin Italy’s Point of view

The Bar Convent Berlin is the most important, the best studied, event abut the beverage industry of the World (11,064 paying visitors)

Do you write about Gin and you will be at BCB?

Do you write about Gin? Do you have a blog, a website, an instagram account or whatever about Gin? Will you visit Bar Convent Berlin (11/12 October 2016)? Then please get in touch ( I’d love to meet as many of you as possible. I think we have lot of things to talk about together, and […]

The most exciting Gin of the Gin Day 2015 in Milan

The most exciting moment of Gin Day 2015 in Milano, happened in the Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin stall. Noticing the gold medal won by this Gin was already very surprising, it was proudly shown for the first time in Italy, but finding that Man coming from the United Kingdom with his super smile, […]

The most common kind of Gins

It’s just a limitation to talk just about “Gin”, we should start to categorize in a clear way each possible kind of this spirit, depending on the way it is produced. We are in the middle of a “Gin Craze” and as somewhere sales are starting to decrease, in Italy Gin is growing. New Italian […]