Distillerie Valentini, when passion meets exactness

I had the luck to visit Distillerie Valentini, the home of Tovel’s Gin, in Tassullo, Trentino. A real interesting and educational experience, that left a pleasant impression and a very good taste of juniper.

Gin Italy: a showcase for the italian market

A year after the opening of Gin Italy facebook page and web site, a big result is achieved: I was offered some new Gins to study and review and after appearing on this website, they are going to be distributed in Italy.

Tanqueray shakers’ collection

A Tanqueray shakers’ collection, collected in more then 10 years of ebay browsing, a proof of my unilateral devotion to this brand.

An Italian joins the Gin Guild

The Gin Guild is a club that joins together the most important Master Distillers, owners, industry players of the Gin World. Last week an Italian joined the Guild, and there are now 80 members.

Massimo’s Sloe Gin

Gin Italy receives many samples, luckily, but since its creation, this is the one that made me happier. It was sent without any commercial motivation, just because with a common passion for Gin we were able to create a true friendship relation. Precious things, rare things, a warming sensation: the direction is right.

Biostilla Organic Gin from South Tyrol

An incredible news, googling around, I just found out this Organic Italian Gin, produced by Walcher Estates Distillery, sold apparently just in Sweden for the moment.