Houston we have a problem..with Juniper’s iconography

Gin, for history and for world disciplinaries, can be produced only and exclusively with Juniperus Communis

Juniper-flavoured spirit drinks, a forgotten category

The Regulation No 110/2008 of the European Parliament tried to regulate the world of Gin, 10 years before the debate actually going on in the Uk

The most common kind of Gins

It’s just a limitation to talk just about “Gin”, we should start to categorize in a clear way each possible kind of this spirit, depending on the way it is produced. We are in the middle of a “Gin Craze” and as somewhere sales are starting to decrease, in Italy Gin is growing. New Italian […]

Gin Basil Smash

The perfect summer cocktail. It takes a little bit to prepare it at home, but it’s for sure worth it. Try it and let us know your impressions.

Investigation on the italian botanicals – An Italian receipe

Gin Italy asked to the Gin producers of the world if they were using Italian botanicals in their recipes. From the answers of this investigation, it’s noticeable that some botanicals appear often (like juniper) and other are endemic, so they can be bought just here (like Florentine Iris or bergamot)

Investigation on the italian botanicals

We are reaching every Gin producer on the market to ask if they’re using Italian botanicals in their Gin.