Bar Convent Berlin 2018. With an eye on Italy

The Bar Convent Berlin 2018 leaves me a bittersweet impression. Many positive aspects, as usual, but with some critical issues. Especially for our country.

Houston we have a problem..with Juniper’s iconography

Gin, for history and for world disciplinaries, can be produced only and exclusively with Juniperus Communis

Juniper-flavoured spirit drinks, a forgotten category

The Regulation No 110/2008 of the European Parliament tried to regulate the world of Gin, 10 years before the debate actually going on in the Uk

Bar Convent Brooklyn 2018

The Bar Convent has landed in Brooklyn and the launch has lived up to expectations: dozens of stands, hundreds of products

With Philip Duff: about Gin and Genever

Philip Duff, Education Director at the Tales of the Cocktails in New Orleans, among other things, has launched his Genever brand, Old Duff

Cask Tales the Campari Bitter cask aged is coming in April 2018

The news was in the air, but there are some  first images: the cask aged Campari Bitter “Cask Tales” is out in April   The Bitter par excellence, aged in barrels of bourbon, patientely as reported by the label. What to say, Campari manages to attract the fans attention with this new version of its […]

#GinWomen: Gema Zaragoza, Chemistry behind passion

I've met lot of people with important roles in the Gin industry, I want to spotlight the role people like Gema Zaragoza of Thames Distillers Limited.

Gin Guild’s Ginposium 2017

I have been writing about Gin and I have been drinking it for years, it was time to go for a pilgrimange in London. One of the motivation to fly to London was to attend the Gin Guild’s Ginposium, all the other things I have experienced there came after my decision to attend this trade […]

The 20 Best Irish Gins for St. Patrick’s Day

What to drink on Saint Patrick's Day? Tired of the usual beer? Why don't you try Gin. Irish Gin of course.

Batch Premium Gin ginitaly’s review

Batch Premium Gin aims to be a niche product, distilled in small batches, with a dedication to the details that just a small brand can offer.