Geranium Premium London Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

Geranium Premium London Dry Gin helped to make clear that the monogamy among Gin and Juniper is definitely finished.

The proof is in those Martini cocktails made with innovative Gins, based on high quality distillations, often with old traditional pot stills.

Geranium Gin is one of them, and it’s characterized by his typical elegant floral note given by the geranium, of course.

This Gin was created by Henrik Hammer, from Denmark, who had worked in the Gin industry for years, his mother also runs a famous Gin bar in Copenhagen. He tells that he has been thinking about geranium for a long time, as its smell reminded the one of a G&T. The chemical analysis showed that the significative oils of geranium are the same of many vegetables, fruits and spices, so he thought it would be a flavour that could marry many of the botanicals used for Gins.

Henrik and his father, who had a food industry background and worked for decades extracting essential oils, bought a 5 litre pot still, to run the first tests, to understand how to extract perfectly that smell of the geranium. Henrik wanted a true London Dry Gin, so he choose an English Distillery to produce it, with the geranium harvested in Denmark with 10 more botanicals. Grain spirit is used as a base alcohol in a copper old traditional still.

The taste is conforting and traditional, with notes of fresh juniper, citrusy explosions, and the floral notes leaving the mouth clean and fresh, but with a strong complexity.

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