Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

The Saar is the name of the river starting its journey in France, then reaching Germany in the Moselle region.

The last 28 km of this river create a unique microclimate, feeding the soil that produces one of the most expensive white wine in the world.

Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin is born to reflect the characteristics of this region, to spotlight the peculiarities and the excellences, aiming to the highest quality. The Riesling wine it’s not just a famous and elegant wine, but it adds density to this Gin, becoming one of the fundamental ingredient of the recipe. The aromatic herbs and the self grown fruits are mixed with the best production of this region, who’s placed among France, Luxembourg and Germany, composing a unique taste.

Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin caught attention since its launch in Germany, before starting to be sold in other markets, different web sites started to talk about it, about the accuracy of the work, the high quality, the story behind the Gin and how it’s linked to a precise place. Someone says that the future of Gin is for those products that can express the particularities of the place where it’s distilled, and Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin really achieve this goal perfectly. So I was very curious to taste it.
The bottle is very pleasant, the design is elegant, the care for the details is extreme (the cork tells us about the Riesling wine used, in this case a wine from 2009), and if we have to find a defect, I don’t like the size of the bottle: half a litre isn’t enough, it just finishes too quickly, but it sure helps to underline the exclusivity of this Gin.

The first neat taste was surprising: smooth but strong, a floral taste and smell (lavender overall). If you’re reading this review and you’re not familiar with Gins, just forget everything you know about it, Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin is completely new. The wine adds its note to this Gin as any other botanical could, in a clear way, it doesn’t change the base of the spirit, it is still a Gin, but the result is impressive, as you can perfectly spot the Riesling. Ferdinand’s comes with a 44% alcohol volume.
As soon as the first sip finished, the Martini cocktail came in mind, and this is surely a Gin that can elevate this preparation. I’m sure we’ll soon hear about it.
The G&T was made with 1 part of Gin and 2 parts of Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, a strong proportion to understand better this Gin and it was pure pleasure.

Keep in mind the label of Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin, that well noticeable “F”: as soon as you spot it, no hesitations, try it!

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