Diplôme Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

The original recipe of the Diplôme Dry Gin has been refined to meet the tastes of the American soldiers, stationing in France during World War II, in Dijon.

This recipe is the same that was used for the re-launch of this brand occurred in recent years, with the peculiarity to be produced with a beet base alcohol.

The botanicals that compose it are juniper, coriander, lemon, orange peel, angelica, saffron, iris and fennel seeds. It comes with an alcohol volume of 44%, in a beautiful clear bottle, which seems very inviting.
A key feature of this gin is the balance between flavours and the “dryness” and I must say that the job is great, the distillate is incredibly soft, tasty: every preparation made with Diplôme Dry Gin will be very easily drinkable.

The smell of juniper is very delicate, but you can perfectly spot it, as the other key notes. Drinking it neat, it’s so smooth, the beet alcohol makes it very round and particular, with floral notes, but remaining dry, with the fennel seeds closing a very interesting round circle.
The Martini is very inviting, with lighter tastes but appealing, maybe it’s a Gin for those who loves some more less dryness.
The marriage with vermouth in a Negroni is perfect, it’s sweet but yet dry, and the bitter note is very well elevated.
In a G&T it’s light yet precise, the Diplôme Dry Gin is delicate, and there’s no need to use any exotic garnishes. It’s pleasant and easy.

I liked this Gin, it’s not artificially built, it has a solid idea behind and the taste is noticeable.

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