Dactari – Original German Gin ginitaly’s review

Ok. Let me start this review with a clarification:

I don’t usually like Gins that are produced with grape alcohol as a base, cause they disclose too much from the taste map of my favourite kind of Gin.

Dactari was introduced to the market last July (2014), from an idea of a couple of Bavarian designers, and their extreme care for the details and the presentation of the bottle is pretty evident.
German Gins are going in the right direction: the focus on the research needed behind a good Gin, in such a good way that I almost forgive their deprecable attitude to come often in a half a litre bottle.

The botanicals composing Dactari’s recipe are kept secret, we know some of them, such as: walnut, citrus, juniper from different regions, distilled wine grapes and benedictiner herbs.
The process of the wine grapes distillation is very interesting, because the grapes are slowly distilled with a temperature of 35° degrees Celsius. This makes the Dactari Gin very smooth, mild with some sweet floral notes.

The first taste reflects the informations we read about this Gin: it’s exactly as I thought, good for G&Ts in a big ballon glass, with just a lemon zest, to let the Dactari notes explode when meeting the tonic water. This is surely a Gin for women, very smooth, floral.
I loved Dactari Gin in a French 75 cocktail, because of the grape alcohol, of the many notes, but it was really very well combined.

Dactari – Original German Gin is a Gin for when you want something different from a London Dry, when you want something well made and original.

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