Burleighs London Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

There are few popular Master Distillers in the world of Gin.

The creator of the Burleighs London Dry Gin’s recipe, Mr. Jamie Baxter is among them.

With a background of deep knowledge he succeeded to produce a Gin at his potential level.

Burleighs Gin is a fierce London Dry Gin, and it’s evident as soon as you notice its bottle, that tells us exactly what it is.
So we have a big personality for the recipe, a precise idea of what kind of Gin to distill, a geolocation, a terroir as an inspiration, Burleighs is a Gin with a deep view.

It was born in the second half of 2014 and it already has quite a number of fans around the world; it comes in 3 versions, I studied the Signature one.

The smell of juniper is very present, of course, but it’s linked to other aromatic notes, to the citrous note, it’s very particular, pretty unique. Drinking it neat it’s very smooth, the taste isn’t artificially powered, it’s all very well balanced.

It really works well in a Martini, for it’s smoothness and aromaticity.
I liked a strong ratio for the G&T: 1 part Burleighs Gin : 2 Parts Tonic Water, with a lemon zest as a garnish. Perfection, really. It’s refreshing and dry, tasty but leaves a clean mouth.

Burleighs Gin is a very nice instrument to play with, it offers several ways to be mixed and to characterize the preparation of the drink.

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