Alkkemist Gin ginitaly’s review

An ultra premium Mediterranean Gin from Spain, with a remarkable packaging and a captivating idea behind, this is the Alkkemist Gin.

There was an obvious attention to the details, the cap, the shape of the bottle, the label, everything is set to be part of the global idea, what the creator of the recipe wants to communicate: the exclusivity of a Gin distilled just in the nights of full moon.
Now, we can’t verify the effect of the moon on the taste of this Gin, but raise the hand if you can scientifically prove it doesn’t have any effect. On the other hand, distillation isn’t fully a science, magic is involved, so let’s try with curiosity this Gin.

The recipe is composed by 21 botanicals, such as samphire, sage, verbena, mahon chamomile, rose petals, muscat grape, balm, rock tea, sweet chamomile, thyme, fennel, juniper, angelica, cardamom, coriander, orange and lemon peel, mint, pennyroyal, chenille and agrimonia. The alcohol volume is of 40% and the base alcohol is produced from wheat.

The Alkkemist Gin is very inviting, it smells of good juniper, followed by softer and sweeter notes.
Drinking it neat you feel the grape, the sea note, it’s fresh, it’s well made and it’s already very well drinkable, without adding anything.
In a Martini it’s dry and strong, almost salty.
In the Negroni it adds peculiar notes, with the aromatic notes pushed up. It definitely adds its voice in this cocktail.
In a G&T, all the notes are evident, it’s spicy but dry, it makes a good long drink, without any predominating flavour.

The Alkkemist Gin is a great Gin, new, fresh, with a lovely design, and a very good taste.
It’s the perfect Gin for when you want something more, a handcrafted Gin with a magical story. It’s surely the right Gin for all the lunatic Gin lovers. 🙂

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