5 Continents – Hamburg Dry Gin ginitaly’s review

A Dry Gin containing every features of the city where it is distilled? In this case Hamburg, Germany?

A Hamburg Dry Gin, using the typical production of a London Dry, but adding every thing this city could offer, like its harbour. This is the 5 Continents – Hamburg Dry Gin, and I appreciate this definition.

Botanicals from 5 continents characterize this Gin, such as mate from south America, eucalyptus from Australia, a cactus from north America, a nice aromatic journey for a well centred combination.

The bottle design is just eye catching, the drawing representing the travels around the world, it was really nice to photograph it. The alcohol volume is of 47%, generous, good enough to enhance all notes, to push them to the top, no economic calculations, but just trying to make the best Gin possible.

The smell is great, so junipery, the right hint of citrus and then spices.
Drinking it neat, the 5 Continents Gin leaves a warm spicy mouth, and the high quality of the spirit is evident.
In a Martini cocktail, the Gin stands out for its solidity, dry but spicy, citric and firmly in the juniper, smooth but strong, it’s perfect for when you exactly know what you want to drink.
In a Negroni you can feel the Gin, because of its 47%, but the cocktail it’s still very easy to drink, with a good taste, the right notes.
In a G&T with lemon peel, a simple way to elevate the 5 Continents notes, it’s so refreshing and rich, dry. It’s flavoured but yet simple, with less tonic is pure pleasure.
Maybe you can try with different garnishes, even giving some exotic touch, but it was so good done in a simple way, I didn’t feel the need to experiment.

5 Continents – Hamburg Dry Gin is a very good Gin, I would always want it in my personal collection, as it can add his personal touch. I recommend you to try it.

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