What is Gin?
Not just for a Gin & Tonic

How do you make the perfect G&T? Which cocktails you can create with Gin? A Gin Fizz? A Negroni? A Martini or a Gin Basil Smash perhaps?
How is Gin made? Which are the different kinds of gin? And which are the ingridients? Discover more about gin and its secrets

Gin Italy’s reviews

The world of gin from an italian point of view: learn more about the gins that are trending at the moment and also about the italian ones. A free and indipentent opinion with all the key facts about each brand. Leave your gin review and your own rates!

Gin Italy:
the first Italian Gin blog

Gin Italy started in 2013 mainly as blog enterely devoted to Gin. Find the latest news, the main events in Italy or simply the best articles about Gin

The Perfect Serve

Every Gin is different. So every brand has its own perfect serve for a perfect Gin and Tonic. Most of all to enhance the flavours of the botanicals of the receipe. Find out the perfect serve for your favourite Gin.

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